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Before joining the Soul Family Community it is highly recommended to have a soul session. Having your body, soul, and home cleared of negative energies and being energised with optimal soul power can bring you clarity, vitality, groundedness, and a deeper connection to self.  

A Soul Session is comprised of 3 steps, borne of 12 years as a practising therapist, that has worked very well for my clients to accelerate their healing journey.

Sacred Space Clearing

of body, home, and workplace of negative energies from all dimensions that can disrupt healing, connection to source, intuition, and more. Once these negative energies were cleared from my clients, they experienced more clarity, calmness, positivity, and openness.

Returning soul parts to the body.

Trauma causes parts of our souls to leave our bodies just to feel safe or even survive. Returning these parts to my clients was crucial to healing, self-awareness, self-presence, personal power, etc... They often experienced a new-found zest for life, a feeling of being home, profound self-love, increased empathy, a deeper connection with themselves, their families, friends, and nature. I've had my lost soul parts returned to me after my wife passed away, so I know how powerful and life-changing this experience can be.

Integration and maintenance.

Integration of these soul parts returning to my clients is an important part of their journey. Some soul parts may have been missing since birth, so they need to be nurtured. Having a clear space and feeling at home in your body is great, but those energies need to be maintained. My clients can do much of this themselves but having additional background support is always beneficial.

Your Soul Session works as follows: 

Once you have your Soul Session booked, you will receive an email giving you instructions on what to do beforehand and during. You do not need to be physically available for an online call as the ceremony will be performed remotely, but it would be beneficial if you can "give" this time to yourself and tune in to your body. Steps 1 and 2 are completed in the ceremony. For step 3, you will receive the Soul Power meditation for integration of the work. You can e-mail [email protected] with any questions you may have after all 3 steps have been completed

You will also receive a complimentary copy of my sound healing album, Shaman's Fire, and 1 month of free access to The Soul Family Community or Soul Maintenance.

Soul Session Step 1

Energetic clearing of your home, body, and soul of all negative energies that can inhibit healing, self-awareness, self-presence, personal power, etc. This is done remotely.

Soul Session Step 2 

Restoration of soul power you may have lost along the way can help you feel more alive and present in your body. This is done remotely.

Step 3 

Integration of returning soul parts delivered as a recorded meditation .


Soul Session - $299. This includes a month’s free trial of the Soul Power Community or Soul Maintenance.

Family Soul Session (max 5 people) - email [email protected] for details

Individual Space Clearing - $222

Individual Soul Retrieval $222



Next Steps: 

Maintenance & Growth. Optional membership to the Soul Family Community to receive continued background support through weekly ceremonies to keep your space clear and your soul power high, weekly guidance and inspiration from Shane, Q&A options, monthly sound healing, and an interactive community of fellow old soul travellers to play with. 

Alternatively, there is Soul Power Maintenance for ongoing support through weekly healing ceremonies in a private, non-interactive group. This programme is a continuous flow of supportive energy to allow you to get on with your work and home life. It is also a wonderful option to gift to a loved one who may need extra support. They don’t need to be aware of your gift to receive the blessings of this offering.

While some of you who have been on this journey for a while may have already connected with some of your soul family, there are those who are new to this who may feel like they're on their own.

The last three years have been very divisive globally, and many people have stood alone in their families and communities. The soul family community is for these warriors. The ones that have stepped away from the masses. The ones that have felt a calling in their soul to be different and to express who they truly are. The old souls that stand out from the crowd. The Soul family community welcomes you.

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Maintenance & Growth after a Soul Session

When you have completed a Soul Session you have two options to continue your Spiritual growth and maintain a continuous flow of supportive energy in your home and in your life. 

Join my Soul Family Community or Soul Maintenance. 

Soul Family Community

Receive continued background support through:

  • Weekly ceremonies to keep your space clear and your soul power high
  • Regular guidance and inspiration from me
  • Monthly live sound healing
  • Q&A options
  • An interactive community of fellow old souls to play with.
  • Stay a part of the Soul Family Community as long as you wish. 
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Soul Maintenance

Alternatively, there is Soul Maintenance for ongoing support through

  • Weekly healing ceremonies in a private, non-interactive group.
  • A continuous flow of supportive energy to allow you to get on with your work and home life.
  • Stay in Soul Maintenance as long as you wish.
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