About Shane Donohoe Healer

The day after my wife’s funeral in October 2011, I visited her grave and decided I would put some of the healing methods I had been practising that year to the test. Within an hour I felt the whole world had lifted off my shoulders and I could actually breathe again. Almost all of the stress had left my body and I could move my muscles and think clearly again.

This clarity brought me to a Shamanic healer 2 weeks later who brought back the part of my soul I had (subconsciously) given to my wife to be with her on her journey to the soul world. I immediately felt alive again, like someone had just flicked a switch. My body was reconnected to my soul and the shift was both profound and life-changing. I knew in that moment that my calling was to share this experience with others who were feeling lost, traumatised, and disconnected from life so they could feel alive again too.

This was the beginning of my journey as a healer. I visited and trained with many healers to not only heal myself but to be in a stronger position to help my clients. I could only take them as far as I had gone, so I kept on going. I dedicated my life to the betterment of myself, my children, and my work.

Over the last 12 years I have become a certified practitioner in the following:

  • Advanced Meridian Therapies – including all levels of EFT, Positive EFT, Emo-Trance, and TAT..
  • Advanced Shamanism and Shamanic Counselling..
  • Advanced Dowsing for health and geopathic stress.
  • Belvaspata, healing of the heart grandmaster
  • Runes of the Infinite Mother grandmaster

I have also been studying and practising advanced metaphysics and mysticism with the great seer and mystic Almine since 2014. This has helped me see the bigger picture and how it applies to our daily lives. The high perception from these studies and experiences have also assisted me to help my clients dissolve illusion, programs, and belief systems that have been stored in their subconscious.  

I don’t think anyone can ever know what another person’s path should be or how they should walk it, but I share my experiences with my clients and how they worked, and continue to work for me. This approach has worked for many of my clients so maybe it will work for you too.

Ways you can work with me

Soul Session

A Soul Session is comprised of 3 steps, borne from 12 years as a practising therapist, that has worked very well for my clients to accelerate their healing journey. 

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Soul Family Community

A pure frequency and grounding community space designed to help old souls remember their own divinity, power and wisdom through healing, guidance, and inspiration.

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Soul Maintenance

Weekly distance healing sessions and background support to keep your home and body clear of negative energy and your soul power optimised. 

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