Soul Family Community

A pure frequency and grounding community space designed to help old souls remember their own divinity, power and wisdom through healing, guidance, and inspiration.

If your heart has called you to join this community, then you are most likely an old soul. Old souls have unique needs that are most likely not satisfied in the mainstream world, even mainstream spirituality. This space was created for you to be held in, remember in, evolve in, build in, and eventually fly out of, to create your own space(s).

In the Soul Family Community, you will receive the following support:

  • Weekly distance healing ceremonies to help keep your energy and home space clear of negative energies, and your soul force high.
  • You will be held in a continuous, pure frequency entrainment field throughout the week, which will give you a feeling of continuous background support for your journey through life.
  • Monthly sound healing sessions.
  • Weekly spiritual guidance
  • Regular inspirational content
  • A community space to ask me questions, and to share your experiences post soul sessions (or from your life journey in general) with your fellow soul travellers.
  • Discounts on training, retreats, group healing, and all other Soul Family products.
  • Regular challenges keep you engaged and focused on your journey, and lots of fun along the way!

The Soul Family Community is a monthly membership. 
You are free to cancel at any time. 

$45.00 USD

Every month

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