Keep your life force energy at an optimum

Soul Maintenance comprises of weekly distance healing sessions to maintain the energetic integrity of your home and body as well as your soul power. Ideally, it is best to have completedĀ a Soul Session with me to feel the maximum benefit.

We are in a tumultuous time in the history of the Earth and so accessing as much support as possible to help you navigate this is highly recommended.

We are currently in the beginning of the ascension of the soul, where we are in a frequency/feeling dominant reality. To thrive in such a reality, you need to have as much soul force as possible in your body, free from interference of negative energies. This will help you gain more clarity for your next steps in how you want to express yourself in life. Feeling more alive in your body can ignite passion and inspiration for doing what you came here to do!

Ideally, this is best achieved in the Soul Family Community, however, you may be at the stage of your journey where you only need some background support and not guidance or an interactive and supportive community. If you would like guidance and background support but don’t feel to interact, then the Soul Family Community could still be for you. 

Soul Maintenance is also a wonderful gift to a loved one who you feel may need some additional support. It could be an elderly parent preparing for their journey to the soul world, a child struggling in school, a relative struggling with addiction, a spouse that has lost his/her way/zest for life, a loved one suffering from depression or anxiety, or anyone you feel could benefit from some extra love and support but may not be open to receiving help directly from you.Ā 

I connect with your higher self during these sessions and ceremonies so as not to impinge on anyoneā€™s free will. If your higher self is agreeable to receiving the blessings, then I proceed. Therefore, you can gift this to anyone whether they are consciously participating or not.

Soul Maintenance


Monthly Payment

Weekly distance healing sessions toĀ keep your home and body clear of negative energyĀ andĀ your soul power optimised.

Included in Soul Maintenance:

  • Soul Maintenance is a monthly membership payment.
    You can cancel at any time.Ā 

  • Weekly Ceremonies

  • Private and non-Interactive Group

  • Removal of negative energies
  • Topping up of soul power
  • A continuous flow of supportive energy to you and your home.
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