A pure frequency and grounding community space designed to help ancient souls remember their own divinity, power and wisdom through healing, guidance, and inspiration.

Lisa - Soul Family Community Member

"I think what I love most about being a part of your Soul Family Community is that you found a gap that needed to be filled for all of us healers, to have a space to be supported ourselves. A forum to ask questions, share insights, support each other, bounce ideas off one another without fear of judgement, and grow exponentially amongst peers in the field. Hearing the varied perceptions of different members when you're consciously listening, continues to push me to expand my field and broaden my horizons both personally and professionally."

If your heart has called you to join this community, then you are most likely an old or ancient soul. Old souls have unique needs that are most likely not satisfied in the mainstream world, even mainstream spirituality. This space was created for you to be held in, remember in, evolve in, build in, and eventually fly out of, to create your own space(s).

You don’t need anyone to tell you what to do or how to live your life, but having support to remind you how to access and embody your own power and wisdom is what we do here. To be a co-creator of a new earth reality you need to take responsibility and ownership of your life. You need to clear away the trauma from your life stories and take the gems from those experiences, so you can be more enriched in the present. You need to maintain optimal soul force and you need to take inspired action from your true inner guidance.

In the Soul Family Community, you will receive the following support:

  • Weekly distance healing ceremonies to help keep your energy and home space clear of negative energies, and your soul force high.
  • You will be held in a continuous, pure frequency entrainment field throughout the week, which will give you a feeling of continuous background support for your journey through life.
  • A dedicated space for soul brothers to connect, share, heal, and grow.
  • Monthly sound healing sessions.
  • Weekly spiritual guidance
  • Regular inspirational content
  • A community space to ask me questions, and to share your experiences post soul sessions (or from your life journey in general) with your fellow old soul travellers.
  • Discounts on training, retreats, group healing, and all other Soul Family products.
  • Regular challenges to keep you engaged and focused on your journey, and lots of fun along the way!

If you feel a call in your heart to join us it is highly recommended to have a Soul Session first, to optimise the energy of your body, soul, and home, and increase your soul power by returning lost soul parts.

Soul Brothers who wish to join the community will have the added bonus of a dedicated Brothers Only space to connect with each other. Join by clicking on the Soul Brothers Community link below.

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Monthly Membership

  • Pure¬†frequency and grounding space
  • Weekly Ceremonies
  • Guidance from Shane
  • Inspiration for your Spiritual journey
  • Interactive Community
  • Dedicated space for soul brothers
  • Monthly live sound healing
  • A¬†welcoming and inspiring¬†environment¬†to keep your space clear and your soul power elevated.¬†

Highly recommended to complete a Soul Session before joining Soul Family Community.

Join the Soul Family Community today! 

The Soul Family Community is a combination of weekly ceremonies (to keep your space clear and your soul power elevated), guidance, inspiration, and an interactive community of your soul brothers and sisters that are walking a similar path.

The energy field that is created through the weekly ceremonies serves to hold you in a loving embrace throughout the week so that you can sense nurturing support while you concentrate on your own journey. It’s like knowing someone has your back and you are not alone.

It is highly recommended to have a Soul Session with me first, to optimise the energy of your body, soul, and home, and increase your soul power by returning lost soul parts.