Runes of The Infinite Mother


The Runes of The Infinite Mother were received by the great Mystic & Seer Almine between 2012 & 2019 directly from the Infinite and are one of the most powerful spiritual tools available to us right now. I have been initiated as Grandmaster of the Runes and they one of my favourite tools to use with my clients for deep healing, clarity, clearing of blockages, increased awareness, and manifestation. 

I will be doing weekly Rune Sessions in the Soul Family Community, so if you'd like to experience the power of this beautiful modality join the Soul Family Community today

Many of my clients feel the blessings the Angel Gods of the Runes bestow on them through the Runes as well as a sense of clarity and optimism that wasn’t there before. Many feel blockages in their bodies dissolving and a sense of peace and joy returning to them after a session with the Runes. The Runes work on multiple levels and dimensions so they are not just a cognitive tool that is easily grasped or understood. Therefore they can have an unfathomable effect for a prolonged period of time that is unquantifiable.

Each of the principles of the Runes is presided over by an Angel God who embodies the principle for the cosmos, which means the Runes are alive and not static bodies of information like Angel cards. When the Runes are activated within you in a particular format in response to an area of focus for you, they can clear a path through your levels of perception to give you clarity in this chosen area of your life you feel stuck in by dissolving illusions, matrices, and belief systems as well as bringing in support for your dreams of manifestation.

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