Spirit Animal Retrieval


A spirit animal retrieval is a shamanic practice to return personal power to the individual by retrieving lost consciousness, strengths, qualities, and perception that have been lost, given away or stolen. Symptoms of power loss can be recurring illnesses, depression, fatigue, a run of bad luck, and a lack of vitality in general. A loss of a spirit animal is a loss of personal power and the qualities and strengths that come with that. This can happen through repression of our true essence, giving power away to others, or having our power stolen by energy vampires, curses, black magic, etc. The spirit animal is not to be seen as a separate entity to you but rather a part of you that has these qualities and power embodied in an archetype for you to commune with. This can help you bring your hidden or lost power online in a deeper way.

Working with your spirit animal and the qualities that it is helping you access is important in plugging the leaks of consciousness that brought about this loss of power in the first place. When your spirit animal comes to your attention as a thought, in your mind’s eye or in your environment, that is a good time to pay attention to what is being communicated to you internally or through what’s happening in your environment in that moment. 

The Process

A spirit animal retrieval can be performed remotely or in person. From my part, I go into a deep meditation and connect with your pure essence to discover a spirit animal that embodies the qualities and strengths that are ready to be returned to you at this time. Sometimes I get further information or may be prompted to do a soul retrieval before your power animal can return.

All you have to do is lie down and relax for the duration of the session and be open to receiving your power animal.

To book a spirit animal retrieval click on this link - spirit animal retrieval 


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