Cursed & Negative Entities in the Home!


Long before I’d heard about Shane and his work, I often wondered if there was some kind of curse or jinx affecting me.

It sounds outlandish, but it’s standard amongst my friends to comment on my persistent bad luck and lack of a break. It was significant things like several health issues and repeatedly getting passed over for the right job, and also smaller things like not being able to sleep, electrics at home constantly playing up, and a constant feeling of angst and unrest there, though I was the only person there.

Things came to a head of sorts a few weeks ago, when my work decided they were thinking of letting me go. I hadn’t seen it coming and felt incredibly violated; I work really hard and do a good job. The weeks preceding this last straw had been a nightmare; I was totally unable to sleep, completely exhausted physically,  mentally and emotionally. I’d also been feeling an awful presence in my flat and things were literally going bump in the night with no explanation at all. I have a photo on a living room shelf of a friend who died in 2008, he was only 21 and I regarded him as my little brother. I think of him all the time anyway, but for weeks on end, I hadn’t been able to stop focusing on the photo. I don’t know why. I’d certainly been asking him for help and thought that was it.

The news from work terrified me. I knew I’d unravel financially almost immediately and I didn’t have any confidence in finding another job, based on all the past failed attempts. More frightening than that, though, was  that I knew I had nothing left in the emotional tank to persevere through the difficult time ahead of me. The upset I felt was overwhelming. I literally felt that no matter how hard I tried, I could not get my life into a positive place.

My friend is a client of Shane’s and she asked him to help me, after a distraught phone call from me. She didn’t know what else to do and I don’t blame her; there wasn’t anything. Shane’s view was that I was cursed. I was relieved to hear it. So strangely, he asked my friend if I had a mask in my home. I did! On the shelf beside the photo of my deceased friend. Shane’s view was that these types of masks, etc, can often carry a curse placed by a native in their place of origin. He later also advised me that curses can be inherited, etc. Wherever mine came from, I don’t doubt its existence.

I had a distance clearing session with Shane a couple of evenings later (I don’t live in Ireland, though I am Irish). I didn’t feel anything in particular, other than a sense of peace. There’s no explanation for the next bit, but that was a Monday evening and by the Thursday of that week, I was offered three jobs! All in my professional field and one in particular is my dream job. Nothing’s perfect; it’s part-time and I will struggle until I get myself a second role, or until I manage to make it full-time. Another one of the three was from my then employer, where the powers that be had had a total change of heart and decided they wanted to commit to me long-term.

I can honestly say that I felt more positive and energised after the session than I have done in years. I’m even sleeping better.

Nothing’s perfect; in that same week, we found out that my dad is very unwell. Also, the man who broke my heart cracked it a little bit more. But on a fundamental level, I feel more able to cope. I’d been struggling for several years to get ahead on any level, despite trying really hard. I feared long before Shane that I was cursed a and had many reasons, academic and personal, for believing so. I now believe, and see evidence in my life, that the curse has in some way been lifted. I feel open to re-building some energy and zest for life again. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in with vigour to some EFT and to life in general!


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