After four years of a battle with depression, my husband took his own life leaving me and our three young kids to deal with confused emotions of trauma, guilt and grief. After his last episode a friend recommended Shane to me to help me and our kids (Aged 13, 10 and 8) deal with the trauma. I had remembered Shane from school days and shyed away from confiding in him at the time preferring a total stranger. However, three months later when my husband took his own life, Shane attended the funeral. I got chatting to him and felt he made perfect sense to me. His own experience of suddenly losing his wife and bringing his three kids gently through the experience impressed me. He had a very open, friendly, smiling, non-judgemental way about him. I made an appointment within days of the funeral. I was wary of trying anything I wasn’t comfortable with, so my intention was to go to one appointment as a trial. My main problem was that I couldn’t cry. Crying to me was a sign of weakness and I thought to myself that I certainly wasn’t going to cry in front of Shane, a guy two years younger than me I remembered from school days.

I had a big ball of emotion caught between my shoulder blades weighing me down – it was stuck there and it was painful. Shane welcomed me, explained exactly what EFT was and to be honest, I was sceptical that tapping could have any effect on me. We started. After one round that ball of emotion rose up and I exploded into tears. I felt a great release, a great freedom, and I actually felt comfortable. I was amazed. When I got into my car I noticed I was tingling all over and feeling good. Over the next few weeks, I can only describe what happened as the express-route through grief. I felt I could tell Shane anything and it was received with openness and acceptance. Shane suggested retrieving my power animal, doing an extraction and soul retrieval. At this point, trust had built up and I felt I could try these therapies and then form an opinion.

I found Soul Retrieval the most beneficial and was amazed at the account Shane gave me of the times I had lost parts of my soul, events that were private to me that he couldn’t have known. Of course, I won’t know what preventative measures the extraction has had, only that I’m feeling healthy.

I would say that from 16 weeks after my husband’s death I feel peace and love towards my husband and what he did. I feel strength to move on with my life and renewed hope for my future and my kids’. We have enjoyed some amazing adventures, holidays and successes since. Shane has also given me a greater understanding of death which was tested six months later at the death of my husband’s brother. My children have been dealt a double blow of grief in six months. My eldest is now aged 14 and has had sessions with Shane. She is feeling stronger and more confident. I feel now that I can bring my children through whatever issues will crop up for them in the future.

Thank you, Shane!

Clodagh Malone, Dundalk

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