First of all Thank you so much for everything Shane!  Words can not express the gratitude I have.  I have been a fan of Chiron Healing Centre’s facebook page for a while and enjoyed reading Shane’s posts.  I was suffering with a pain in my back for about a month and I attended a neuro surgeon who advised he wanted to give me injections into my back as I have a slipped disc for years now and he felt that my disc was suddenly putting pressure on my nerve which was causing the pain.

I had the injections booked for a few weeks later though the pain was excruciating and I didn’t know how much more I could take.  A family friend attended Shane and had fantastic results so I decided to see if Shane could do anything for me.  At my first appointment I practically crawled into Shane with the pain.  Shane was brilliant.  He made me feel very relaxed and explained everything to me.  He explained that he’s there to teach people and therefore empower them to work on themselves.

Everything was very private and we spent the following 2 hours working on me and teaching me EFT techniques.  At the end of the session I couldn’t believe it, I had NO PAIN!!  I was able to stand up straight and move freely….it was incredible!  I had a couple of twinges the following few days but I just sat down and started doing what Shane had showed me at my session.  When I returned a week later for my second session we did some more EFT and since my second session I have no pain at all.  I am so happy and Shane was definitely put in my life to empower me and I am so happy he was.

I have no hesitation in recommending Shane and I have done so to everyone I meet who asks me about my back.  Oh and as you can imagine I cancelled my appointment to get the injections.

Thank you Shane, 


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