Acne, Asthma, & Agrophobia Distance Healing


Here is a testimonial from a lady in Tipperary who asked me to work on her son who had a lot going on in his life and was suffering emotionally & physically.

As it was a long way to travel to Dundalk I did a distance healing session with him. I arranged a time with him and asked that he lie down for an hour while I worked on him. As with most teenagers he was quite bored and couldn’t wait for it to be over. I spoke with him after & he said he didn’t feel any energy movements during the session which can happen.  

“Shane treated our son at a distance, which in itself was a huge advantage as we didn’t need to travel a long distance with a car-allergic teenager! The results have been nothing short of miraculous. At our request Shane worked on our son’s skin issues, his asthma and anxiety which bordered on agoraphobia and multiple allergies. Within one treatment, all the conditions had improved. He had a shower that evening without the red welts that usually appeared. Within days, he did not need to use his inhaler as much and his acne had practically cleared up. 

The most amazing thing about the healing was how it worked on our son’s confidence. He has boundless energy; appears happy, energised and positive and actually asked to go to soccer training-this was a miracle as he has not been in any sports’ clubs in more than two years. 

My husband, son and I cannot express how truly blessed and sincerely thankful we are to have found Shane’s service. We can unreservedly recommend Shane as a highly-competent practitioner.”


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