Shaman's Fire

Sound Healing Album - 7 tracks Included

Booming drum of heart’s desire
Ignites the flames of the Shaman’s Fire
Feeling to form, wild and free
Dancing to the beat of the cosmic symphony

5 music tracks embedded with powerful healing frequencies that can energetically transform your home or workspace as well as providing profound, deep personal healing. Anyone can benefit from this music and it is also a powerful addition to any healing practice or spa. Holistic & Healthcare practitioners and therapists will find it useful to play during their sessions or in hospitals/retirement homes as the frequencies will remove many barriers to healing, particularly geopathic stress. You can also play the music quietly on your phone, ipod, or laptop wherever you are as people in the building you are playing it in do not need to hear it to benefit from it. Just hold the intention that they receive the blessings from the music.



What People Are Saying:

Shane, just wanted to let you know that everything has erupted for me in the last two days – magical music. Work opportunities coming at me from multiple sides. One job offer and counting! After months of money and opportunities drying up it is amazing that it all changed within 2 days of listening to your music. I also had quite the healing experience as a major block in my chest intensified then magically disappeared! Forever grateful


This music is very profound and a blessing to all. Shane, you have really put your heart and soul into these musical elixirs. Your album is worth every penny! Thank you for sharing this with me Shane.

The Living Goddess

$25.00 USD